IOF_0302-1In 1939 the World War II Began.  The United States government realized they were fighting an extremely twisted enemy who used fear to control and conquer.
In efforts to win this war, a top secret organization known as The Institute of Fear, was formed to create and test warfare tactics that could be used to manipulate the minds of our enemies.

The Institute studied true human fears and phobias and the depths to which they could cause a man to crumble from short and long term exposure to these fears.  The extensive experimentation on subjects was truly cruel, filled with misery and suffering.  Although there were many casualties, a counter weapon was successfully developed where in the enemy often chose death rather than exposure to the fear tactics being used against them.

IOF_0256-1As the war progressed, some involved began to question the tactics being used at the Institute of Fear.  As a result of an investigation the United States government deemed the Institute’s experiments bizarre and inhumane with good reason. Funding for the program was terminated and the fear labs were destroyed, or so they thought.

A handful of clinicians and specialists from the Institute team had become addicted to the results of the manipulation techniques.  In order to satisfy their craving for instilling suffering and misery on others, an underground movement had begun.  Secret experimentation on the population has continued over the last  75 years.  Now the Institute is here and they want you.

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